The National Chapter attendees after Sunday Service in Perth 2018


This is about  the Grand Priory of Australia, a Jurisdiction of the Military and Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem under the governance of the Grand Master, His Excellency Don Francisco de Borbon, Graf von Hardenberg GCLJ(J), 50th Grand Master. The Grand Prior of the Grand Priory in Australia is The Hon. Chevalier Gavin Fielding AM GCLJ KMLJ. The Order of Saint Lazarus is an Order of Chivalry. It is wholly Christian, ecumenical and has Christian unity as an objective. Its members are committed to seek to live their lives with strength, simplicity and charity in a manner that embodies the Christian spirit that has enlivened the Order for nearly a thousand years. The Order is, in part, a Hospitaller Order and so its objective will always be that members serve to alleviate the plight of the sick and poor, whether they suffer a deficiency in spiritual or physical health, or a poverty of means to live with dignity. The Order is, in part, a Military Order and so each office-bearer undertakes the duties allotted and becomes the officer primarily responsible for their fulfilment earning the support and active assistance of fellow members.

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December  2018

Calendar of Events – 2019 +


National Chapter – Melbourne 30 April – 3rd May 2020


30 August 2019   Winter Service – The Carmelite Monastery, Red Hill 

28 September 2019   Retreat – The Carmelite Monastery, Red Hill 

27 October 2019   L’Arche BBQ & Cricket – Telopea Park 

13 December 2019   Patronal Festival – Wesley Uniting Church, Barton 


National Chapter and Investiture


The National Chapter of the Australian Order was held in Hobart 2nd-5th May 2019. Photographs are now posted in the Members’ Area for Members to view.

The Sunday Mass for the National Chapter was conducted at the Holy Spirit Catholic Church, Sandy Bay by Fr. Brian Nichols ChLJ OMLJ, a  Tasmanian Commandery Chaplain.

OLJ National Chapter: Sunday Mass article by Fr Brian NicholsChLJ

The Holy Spirit Church welcomed members of the Order of St Lazarus to the usual 10 am Mass.  Members gathered from around Australia for a national chapter in Hobart. The Military and Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem is an international Christian chivalric Order. It is non-political, ecumenical and non-denominational, its membership is by invitation and is open to men and women who are practising members of the Christian faith in good standing within their particular denomination. Its international membership consists of Roman Catholic, Anglican, Protestant, Orthodox and other Christian denominations. The Military and Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem is an international self-governing and independent body, having its own Constitution and a presence in 37 countries. Its members are committed to seeking to live their lives with charity in a manner that embodies the Christian spirit. The Order is dedicated to the care and assistance of the poor and the defence of the Christian faith and the principles of Christian chivalry. The Order has been in continual existence since the year 1098 and was established in Australia in 1979. The Grand Priory of Australia comprises seven Commanderies centred on the various capital cities. Membership is confined to a Commandery. Commandery activities include meetings, special religious services and fundraising events. The Order is both a military and a hospitaller order. Accordingly, there are ranks of membership. Advancement through the Order is largely dependent on the member’s commitment to giving and their voluntary work within and outside the Order. Christian worship and ceremony underpin the Order’s charitable works. In addition to promotion through the ranks of the Order, awards are made for services rendered to supported charities or to the Order itself.


The vigil for new postulants and Chaplains was conducted at St Joseph’s Catholic Church,  Hobart.



The National Chapter of the Australian Order for 2020 will be held in Melbourne 30 April – 3rd May 2020.   Details will be posted here.